E-Mail Blast Communication Network

The Board of Directors unanimously approved the implementation of an E-Mail Blast Communication Network for Crownridge. The purpose of the blast email list is to quickly communicate information to the membership such as safety issues, crime activity, lost pet information, and other issues that are time-sensitive. Your email information will remain confidential and will not be shared with other third parties.  In order to receive Crownridge email communications, you must submit by e-mail the following information to the appropriate point of contact:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number (day, evening, and cell phone numbers would be appreciated)
  • Your email address  (If your email address has changed, please submit both your old and your new email address)

You may submit more than one email address, for example, if you have a different email address than your spouse, you may submit both.  The list will be comprised of members from Crownridge North and Crownridge South. Listed below is the point of contact (POC) along with the street names for either Crownridge North or South.  Please take a moment to share the requested information with your point of contact.
Crownridge North:
Klaus Bartels is the POC for Crownridge North.  Please submit via e-mail your information to  klausbartels@att.net Crownridge North includes the following streets:


Arbor Meadows Drive
Bavaria Court
Berg Blvd
Caldwell Crest
Edwards Edge
Evening Trail Drive
Fiesta Grande
Hays Hills
La Sierra Blvd
Llano Ledge
Lost Spring Drive
Morning Shadow Lane
Real Ridge
Shady Bend Drive
Sierra Oaks
Ventana Parkway
Wagner Way
Crownridge South:
Tish Snook is the POC for Crownridge South.  Please submit your information to TishSnook@aol.com.  Crownridge South includes the following streets:


Apaloosa Way
Arrow Way
Ashton Oaks
Atoko Way
Brave Way
Buffalo Hills
Chuska Way
Grove Creek Drive
Havasu Hills
Hill Creek Drive.
Hill Meadow Drive
Mazattan Way
Singing Forest
Washita Way
Waxachie Way